Welcome to Five Star Wine & Spirits, the West Coast’s leading on- and off-premise purveyor of luxury spirits. We are your choice for ultra-premium spirits in California, Nevada and Arizona. All our products are of distinctively high quality, conceptually unique, award-winning and über-premium by definition. Five Star Products + Five Star Service = We are the Five Star Company.
Our Portfolio of Luxury Spirits
Single-Agave Super-Jalisco at $ 150.00 Retail: Porfidio Anejo 1
Single-Agave Super-Jalisco at $ 60.00 Retail: Porfidio Plata 2
Single-Malt Scotch Whisky at $ 60.00 Retail: Matisse 3
Oregon Absinthe at $ 60.00 Retail: Trillium 4
Polish Vodka at $ 50.00 Retail: Uluvka 5
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U'luvka 6
Porfidio 7
Matisse 8
Trillium 9
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Distribution Service Proposal: Imported Wines 18
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Ride-Along Info Sheet 21
Map of California 22
Our Portfolio of Luxury Wines
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U'Luvka Luxury Vodka 24
Porfidio Super-Jalisco Anejo 100% Blue Agave 25
Porfidio Super-Jalisco Plata 100% Blue Agave 26
Matisse Single-Malt Scotch Whisky 27
Trillium Oregon Small-Batch Absinthe 28
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